How to choose the right season for the move? (part 1)

Residential or commercial move is a very complex and multifaceted process, and therefore it is not surprising that there are many questions during organization of such moves. Some people, for example, think about how to choose a car for transporting property. Others don’t know how to pack their belongings, and others worry about arranging all their things upon arrival in a new apartment.

However, long before all these difficulties arose, another question began to bother: what season is the best for moving?

 It rains almost every day in fall and spring, it is dangerous on roads due to icy conditions in winter…And it is very hot in summer, so you and the employees you hired will quickly get tired. And this can lead to unpleasant consequences (mirrors broken by negligence, damaged equipment, broken furniture, etc.).

How, then, to understand which period is the most favorable? In order to answer this question, Titan Relocation Company has conducted a small study and identified the pros and cons of moving to each of the four seasons.

First, let’s talk about winter. It is a wonderful time of the year when you can enjoy the cleanliness and innocent beauty of the snowy city streets, breathe in fresh frosty air, skate and enjoy the warmth of the house, peering into the blizzard raging outside the window. But this season is not suitable for moving at all. And although the reasons are quite obvious, we still mention them in our article.

The first one is snow. Admiring falling snowflakes is nice, but they will damage your things. You can say for sure that all your property will be securely packed. But, as you know, the most commonly used materials when moving were and remain cardboard boxes. Unfortunately, they lose their protective properties in contact with water very easily. Therefore, no packaging can give you a 100% guarantee of the safety of your new furniture set, clothes or soft toys if you still decide to move in winter.

The second disadvantage is ice. A car with your property can linger on the road because of it or even get into an accident.

The third danger of winter moving is associated with low temperatures. The fact is that all the equipment does not tolerate cold very well, so a computer or a microwave oven can be irreparably damaged due to a long traveling in a frozen car body.

So, we have already told about the most serious drawbacks. As for the advantages, there are very few of them. For example, if you move out of town or even change the settlement, you can be sure that the snowy tracks will be free.

Now let’s think about summer move. Its shortcomings are not as obvious as the winter ones, but they cannot be ignored.

Firstly, the summer is very hot season, which means that all participants of the move will quickly get tired. Why is it dangerous? The fact that the loaders accidentally drop some fragile thing or the driver dozes off on the road and because of this gets into an accident. The most favorable outcome will be one in which the time required to transport the cargo will only increase.

Household appliances or indoor plants, which need a lot of moisture for a comfortable existence, will also suffer due to high temperatures. In addition, both pets and children poorly tolerate heat. For them moving is a huge stress anyway.

The second disadvantage of move in summer is huge traffic jams. Even long-distance routes at this time of year are busy, and therefore traveling within the city, and transporting things to the country will take a lot of time.

The advantages of summer moving, as well as moving in the fall and spring, we will discuss in the next article! To be continiued.