Titan Relocation – Local Moving Company provides a full range of services on your belongings movement to a new house or apartment including loading and unloading. We arrange local moving around Diamond Bar and within 100 miles of the city within Los Angeles County. We have made many transport operations and accumulated vast practical experience.

Our mission is to make your moving quick and easy.

     Relocation to a new home is much more than moving a large number of boxes from one place to another one. The Titan Relocation Moving Company is an extremely professional team that will save you from all the hassle associated with local moving. Each Client is served at the VIP level, the following services are provided within:

Elite service

Our Elite service is a transportation of antiques and especially valuable goods Are you interested in transportation of antiques or especially valuable things? Now you will learn how to approach this crucial business in one of the leading companies in the freight market of California.

But if not every apartment has antiques, then just fragile things are enough in any family. Dishes, porcelain, vases, paintings under glass, TVs, computers, CDs, chandeliers –  all not to list. But all this needs a special attitude when moving home.

To transport all fragile utensils safely, stock up on a large number of boxes and packaging material. However, employees of Titan Relocation Moving Company can bring it to you if you worry about this in advance.

Fragile objects are wrapped with a stretch film, then an air bubble film and are located in the center of the box. The rest of the space is filled with a sealant – polystyrene foam, crumpled paper and so on.

Television and radio equipment and office equipment are packaged in new boxes made of corrugated cardboard, previously wrapped in an air-bubble film. Old boxes are not recommended for use – from long-term storage they become fragile, but if foam inserts are preserved in the shape of the item, they can be used for moving.

Carrying antiques and fragile items is too responsible a matter to trust random people. The staff of Titan Relocation Moving Company is fully responsible for the safety of your belongings, unlike movers hired from outside.

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