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Why is packing important?

When organizing a move, the ultimate goal of the process is not only to deliver the property to the destination but also to make sure that nothing will be broken. This can be ensured by high-quality packaging.

Do not underestimate its importance, since safety of your fragile dishes, furniture, and expensive household appliances from scratches, chips, impacts or deformation depends on the quality of packing. And packaging becomes especially important when things have to travel for a long time or to long-term storage.

How to pack your things quickly and correctly?

Here are some tips for those who plan to store things during repairs and moving:

When a family starts a renovation or a move, it turns out that the biggest difficulty is not the process itself, and not even the issue of financing, the most difficult thing is to decide and understand how to pack things when moving and where to store furniture and all other property during the renovation.

If you have already decided to use the services of storage during repairs or moving Titan Relocation is happy to share some advice regarding packing things before the relocation.

We would divide the packing of things into 3 stages:

1. Sorting objects

You should carefully sort the items exactly the way they will be transported. This is also necessary so that in the future it will also be convenient for you to do the unpacking.

2. Packaging

At this stage, packing materials are required. You can buy them from us or at the nearest hardware store. Each item should be packed separately to ensure its safety. Strict adherence to packaging rules eliminates the risk of damage to personal belongings during transportation.

Buy more packaging material. There is never too much packaging. Especially when it comes to valuable items that need to be transported in complete safety. Bubble and packaging films will definitely not be superfluous.

Cardboard boxes for moving. We do not recommend saving on them. As a last resort, you can borrow boxes from friends or family. You can also compare prices in different stores, but you should also pay attention to quality. And of course, don’t forget to label them. This will make unpacking easier.

3. Marking

We recommend marking boxes, especially with fragile items. It also will help you in the future to find this or that thing quicker.

By far the best solution is to call professional movers who have a lot of experience and knowledge in packing the most fragile items.

Our advantages:

· Experienced professionals

Our specialists are clever and friendly people. And, the most important, they are professionals in their field, therefore, your property will be packed securely. We use only high-quality packaging materials!

· Packaging technologies

Packing of furniture and things when moving is carried out in compliance with the technology developed by us, which allows, on the one hand, to perform work quickly and inexpensively, and most importantly, to minimize the risk of damage to property during loading/unloading, transportation, and storage.

· Professional packing materials

We have 100% confidence in the quality and reliability of the packaging materials used since they are all designed and manufactured to order – especially for our company.