10 factors to choose a company for office relocation

Office move is difficult and responsible task. Not everybody can make it correctly. In this article we will tell you how to choose a moving company for careless office relocation! So, there are 10 factors…

1.The courtesy and knowledge of a moving’s company phone consultant should be at a high level. An incompetent consultant will not be able to help you decide on the order and should alert you when choosing a carrier company. Titan Relocation Company takes customers’ orders for arranging move via phone, the Internet or at the Company office. It is looking forward to hear from you and ready to call you back at any time convenient to you, having sent moving trucks to any location within the state!

2. The provision of all necessary documents is compulsory. This is a bilateral agreement with a list of transported property and the carrier’s responsibility for non-compliance with the terms of the agreement, as well as various licenses and letters of recommendation for the implementation of such activities.

3. Many years of experience in the market for such services. The longer the term of work, the more professional the office move. Long-running companies have more experience moving office furniture and appliances, and their staff also includes professional employees.

4. The mode of operation of the company to provide office relocation services. Of course, it is better to change the location of the office without loss of working time at night or on weekends, and in a fairly short time.

5. The complex of services for moving should include not only transportation of large-sized objects and things, but also assembly, disassembly of furniture, as well as packing and unpacking of things, and arranging at a new place. You can order from Titan Moving anything you want: from packaging to commercial move.

6. The professionalism of movers should be at a high level, since the safety of furniture items depends on this. The company should have special means for transporting furniture and interior items. Titan Relocation Company have real professional and experienced team, which has regular trainings to improve their skills.

7. A moving company’s consultant should come to your office to inspect the dimensions of the transported things and select vehicles. Also, the consultant determines the cost of moving, which is reflected in the future in the contract.

8. The technology of assembling and disassembling furniture and packing things is also an important moment when moving the office. A moving company should have special containers and packaging for transporting things and dismantled furniture. Titan Relocation has all the necessary packaging. To protect the furniture from scratches during transportation, stretch film is used. Glass and fragile products are wrapped in bubble wrap. Items are placed in packing cardboard – nothing will break and not be lost.

9. A moving company should have its own fleet of vehicles. It eliminates the delay of vehicles for transporting goods and guarantees the accuracy of transportation of things, since all cars are specially designed for these purposes and have fasteners.

10. The cost of services should be appropriate, not be very low, since at the same time no one can provide you with the quality of services, but at the same time it should not be very high and approximately correspond to average market prices.