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Checklist For An Emergency Relocation

There are a large number of reasons why someone would need to move house quickly, and therefore require to arrange what would be regarded as an emergency relocation. If you find yourself in this situation the first to do is tell yourself to not panic, and the second thing is to secure the services of a professional removalist company. That second action is the one that is going to ensure that even if you need to arrange a move quickly, including all the logistics such as ordering packing boxes, and the packing itself, you have professionals on hand who know what they are doing. That being said, that does not mean that you do not have anything to contribute to your house move. You most certainly do, and to help you, here is a checklist which you can follow to make sure your emergency house move goes as smoothly as possible. #1: Hire Professional Removalists: Ok, so we have already mentioned this, but such is the importance of it, we have repeated it and placed it at number one for the simple reason that it is the single most important step you can take for a successful emergency house move. #2: Plan and Create A Timeline: You might not have much time available before your house move, but that should not stop you from creating a plan for it, and if possible a timeline. This way everything should work logically, and nothing should be missed out. #3: Establish How Much Packing Materials You Will Need: This can be done in conjunction with your removalists, and we would suggest that you take their advice with regards to what you order. Better still, you removalists should be able to supply you with packing materials so use that if you can. #4: Check Your Home Contents Insurance: Before anyone so much as bubble wraps a vase, you should check the details of your home contents insurance. In particular, you want to see what terms and conditions apply to the packing of your belongings, and their transportation to a new house. Your removalists will have insurance but that will only apply whilst they are directly responsible for your stuff and not either side of that. #5: Get Help With Your Packing: We guarantee you will be surprised by just how much stuff you own, and it can be an exhausting exercise doing it all yourself. For this reason, you can ask friends or family to help, which is why we previously mentioned contents insurance in case they break anything. Alternatively, the removalist company may offer a packing service, which means you can leave them to it, and even go out if you wish. #6: Have A Clear Out: A house move is a perfect opportunity to have a clear out and get rid of loads of junk you no longer need or want. Apart from the satisfaction of getting rid of it, it will make the house move easier as everything you throw away no longer needs wrapped, packed, transported, and unpacked. #7: Prepare A First Night Kit: Whether your house move is an emergency move or one that has taken months to prepare for, the most difficult time will be the first night in your new home. Often, not everything will be unpacked, and there will be a fair degree of chaos, so to ensure you have all the essentials you and your family needs that first night, prepare a first night kit with toiletries, medications, a few snacks, and drinks.