How to choose the right season for the move? (part 2)

In the previous article, we looked at winter moving and some disadvantages of moving in summer.

Now let’s move on to the advantages of summer move, the most significant of which is sunny weather, namely the almost complete absence of rain. After all, the probability of damage to your things under the influence of moisture is much higher than from heat. For this reason, summer relocations are organized more often than autumn ones.

Another advantage is the good roads. We mean not the absence of not holes and bumps (which does not depend on the season of the year), but ice, deep puddles and mud. Due to huge traffic jams, these factors will not affect the speed of the move, but they will significantly reduce the likelihood of an accident.

And finally, let’s move on to the discussion of autumn and spring. We took the liberty of talking about these two seasons at the same time, because both of them are characterized by variability of weather: morning rain is easily replaced by the dining sun, and if today you were wearing jeans and a light blouse, no one will give you a guarantee that tomorrow you will not need warm jacket. How then to move in such an indefinite time? Right, pretty hard. After all, even a previously viewed weather forecast may not be justified, and you can’t send the hired cars back, and therefore you will have to adapt to the weather conditions in which you find yourself. And this is the first and most important drawback of autumn and spring travels.

Obviously, if you are unlucky and fall into the rain, your things may get wet and go bad. In addition, a slippery road will extend your trip for several hours. If your route runs through earthen terrain without asphalt, you will have to postpone the move – even despite serious financial losses.

However, everything is not so bad, because at these times of the year there are practically no traffic jams (especially if you choose the right time when most people are at work), which means that transporting things will take much less time than would be required for it in winter. In addition, temperature conditions are as favorable as possible for various computers, refrigerators, etc., and for indoor plants.

So what conclusion can we draw? Each of the seasons is far from perfect for moving. In winter, summer, spring and autumn, certain problems may arise, and even if you try to foresee everything to the smallest detail, there is no guarantee that everything will go exactly as you expected. But do not postpone the move because of this! After all, no pain, no gain. Moreover, if you contact a professional moving company such as Titan Relocation, all the difficulties will disappear immediately.