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Moving a store

Titan Relocation Company provides a comprehensive relocation of stores in Diamond Bar and Los Angeles County.

Just tiny thought about the need to move the store makes many business owners to be swept by cold. Weeks of incapacitated work, reduced productivity and, as a result, reduced profits for the company are waiting for them. In addition, transportation costs are also quite high. Is that really how it should be? Should moving always be difficult? Of course not!

A change in store location can be caused by various factors. Very often, the company simply develops, new employees are recruited, new trading equipment is installed, and there is not enough space … Moving the store may be caused by a change in the company’s course of activity or the introduction of additional services. Perhaps the company wants to start production or stationary sales and needs appropriate premises. Another reason for moving the store is the termination of the lease by the owner of the premises or the desire to change the address to a more prestigious one, which, of course, has a big impact on attracting customers.

Titan Relocation Company will take care of the entire cycle of services for moving the store, starting with a clearly developed plan for moving to arranging all the details in the store.

Moving a store includes:

  • Moving store in Diamond Bar and Los Angeles County
  • Moving trading equipment and furniture

Stages of work on the service moving the store

If you decide to arrange a relocation of a store, it is worth using the services of professionals!

  • Departure of the manager

The work begins with the arrival of the manager, who will conduct an overall assessment of the work on the spot, when moving the store, and will also discuss all related issues with you. This service is provided by Titan Relocation Company for free.

  • Estimate

We make a commercial offer. At the same time, several moving options are offered, the most convenient – turnkey, allows you to entrust all the worries to employees. The “economy” version involves only loading, transportation and unloading.

  • Preparation and loading

After the conclusion of the contract, preparation for the move begins. Everything goes according to a well-established scheme: we deliver boxes to the store for the personal belongings of your employees. Then, our specialists will disassemble and pack the furniture and trade equipment in protective material in order to protect it during transportation. Further, careful loading and transportation.

  • Shipping and unloading

In the new storehouse we are unpacking furniture and arranging according to a previously agreed plan. The most important thing: you absolutely should not worry about the integrity and safety of things; we will not confuse and forget anything. The client can also order the arrangement of furniture and other services, if necessary.

  • Verification and acceptance of work

At the final stage, we make sure that the items are completely intact. The customer estimates the work and signs the completion certificate.

  • Cleaning after moving

After the service “moving a store”, our staff takes out the garbage and the rest of the packaging material.

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