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Our life has been very dynamic in recent years. We are forced to move from one office to another, from a house to an apartment, or vice versa. And in the course of any move, you face various difficulties that greatly overshadow this process. Personal belongings, furniture, household appliances, documents – all this needs to be compactly packed, loaded, transported, unloaded. Not every person has such physical capabilities. Therefore, moving to Long Beach is colossal stress that you need to try to survive safely. Modern life is already full of stress and we want to minimize at least the possible options.

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Let’s figure out how to still minimize the impact on the nervous system due to the upcoming move. There are several options for implementing this process.

Firstly, if you have physical abilities and a desire to organize the move in Long Beach on your own, then this, of course, is real. Still, it is worth enlisting the support of friends or family. Especially if there are oversized items among your things. An additional advantage would be that you have a small-tonnage truck or at least a trailer for your car. Then you can also save on the services of a moving company.

Secondly, the option of attracting partial assistance by organizing an office or residential move in Long Beach. This means that you pack everything yourself. And then you order a truck with loaders and move safely, without excessive physical strength.

Thirdly, you can simply order a professional moving company. For example, Titan Relocation, where work real professionals in their fieldwork. We will pack everything that is in your apartment, house, office carefully and accurately, and deliver all your belongings to the destination in the shortest possible time.

What is the main advantage of professional moving company services? It lies precisely in the correct packing of things. So that later you do not appear cracks on furniture, chips on glass, dishes, mirrors, missing documents, and other related troubles.

We ensure that our specialists are energy efficient in their work. Titan Relocation staff consists of packers, furniture assemblers, drivers. Each of us does his own business.

During the free consultation, our managers will clearly define the approximate price of your project. It will be listed in the contract. The document also provides a guarantee and terms. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the safety of an expensive service or office equipment from the office, which may fail after the move.

Of course, the option of moving on your own or with a partial one will cost you much less. But how much effort, nerves, and time will be spent is a significant question. After all, you can spend on your family, work or leisure. The nervous system is already being hit daily.

What to expect after moving to Long Beach?

The city is located just 18 miles from downtown Los Angeles. It got its name from its long and wide beaches. However, for surfers, this is not the best place. Long Beach is the largest port on the west coast. The cost of cargo passing through this port every day is about $100 million. For

these understandable reasons, numerous breakwaters have been built in the vicinity of Long Beach. The presence of the attributes of a large industrial metropolis: air and water pollution, a large number of working ports and factories – scares off tourists who prefer a beach holiday. Therefore, prices are slightly lower than in other areas of California. And the popular vacation spot Alamitos Bay is the name of its crowded place on many beaches of Los Angeles.

Guests of this vibrant American city will fully experience the romance of port life. Must-sees: the Queen Mary liner in the port, a Soviet submarine moored next to it, and one of the systems in the US Oceanarium. It is also worth wandering around the interesting areas of the city: Naples Island and Belmont Shores. Fans of car racing will be interested in such events as the Grand Prix of Long Beach and the Belmont Car Show, held annually in the city.

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Cable TV and Internet: Spectrum Store, Phone: +18884067063, Address: 2310 N Bellflower Blvd Unit 102, Long Beach, CA 90815, Web Address: https://www.spectrum.com/locations/ca/long-beach/2310-bellflower-blvd

Electricity: Southern California Edison Long Beach Service Center, Phone: +18006554555, Address: 2800 E Willow St, Long Beach, CA 90806, Web Address: https://www.sce.com/

Water: Long Beach Water Department, Phone: +15625702300, Address: 1800 E Wardlow Rd, Long Beach, CA 90807, Web Address: http://www.lbwater.org/

Fire Department: Long Beach Fire Department, Phone: +15625702500, Web Address: http://www.longbeach.gov/fire/

Police Department: Long Beach Police – East Division, Phone: +15625705880, Address: 3800 E Willow St, Long Beach, CA 90815

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We provide an approximate assessment of scope of works on moving to an apartment, a house or an office premises on a pro bono basis. We carry over large and heavy items like soft and cabinet furniture, household appliances and all types of equipment. Work is performed extremely carefully, and our responsibility to customers is insured.

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