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Titan Relocation company’s main goal is to make your move easy, fast, and worry-free. We are ready to accompany you at every stage of your relocation and lead you to success.

Our company has specialized fully equipped trucks. That is why we can easily transport not only personal belongings but also professionally handle large moves with a lot of furniture and equipment. We are known for our efficient service here, in Whittier. The specialists of Titan Relocation are highly qualified, careful, polite, and have extensive experience in moving.

With us, you do not need to worry even about the most difficult cases of disassembling and reassembling furniture. Our specialists are experienced and always have the necessary tools with them. By hiring Titan Relocation in Whittier, you no longer have to worry about moving. We will take care of all the stages of the move, all you need to do is call us!

Quality moving service in Whittier

Titan Relocation does both local and long-distance moves. Even moving to the next street is usually stressful. And when it comes to a long-distance move, many people feel panic. However, not everything is so scary – today it is much easier to transport household belongings than in the past. When moving a long distance, you need to plan everything wisely. Titan Relocation offers full-service long-distance moves. It means all inclusive: from pre-move consultations and estimates till unpacking at a new place. You should not be afraid of moving to another city. It is a common practice for us. We regularly transport furniture, household appliances, and personal belongings to a new location for our clients across California and neighboring states. Our company takes care of the complete organization of your long-distance move.

Titan Relocation is also happy to help you with your Commercial or Office move. An office move is a kind of special. Except for furniture and personal belongings, you need to transport special equipment and important documents. We do really recommend using professional help when moving an office or business. We will plan your move correctly, carefully disassemble all the furniture and equipment. Our specialists also know how to put everything into a truck to avoid damages during transportation.

What to expect after moving to Whittier?

Whittier is a nice city in the South of California. According to the World Population Review, the population of Whittier was 83,712 in August 2021. The city was named after the poet John Greenleaf Whittier, and there is also a college named after him. Since the city is only 15 miles from the Pacific Ocean, the temperatures there are high enough. The maximum temperature in Whittier in winter is 68 ° F to 80 ° F; minimum – 44° F to 54 ° F. During summer, maximum temperatures can range from 78 ° F to 95 ° F and minimum – 58 ° F to 72 ° F. Most rainfall occurs during the winter months, and the summer months are usually driest.

Whittier has 5 high schools and 3 private catalytic schools. Whittier institutions of higher education include Rio Hondo College, Southern California University of Health Sciences, and historic Whittier College.

Among the attractions of the Whittier city are Pio Pico State Historic Park, Whittier Museum, Hsi Lai Temple, Whittier Art Gallery, and others.

Useful links:

· Police Department

13200 East, Penn St, Whittier, CA 90602 https://www.cityofwhittier.org/government/police

· Cable TV and Internet


· Trash Service


· Water Service


· Animal Control


· Pio Pico State Historic Park

6003 Pioneer Boulevard Whittier, CA 90606 https://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=621

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Local relocation within 100 miles of Los Angeles County within the state boundaries.

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Moving from one apartment to another for individuals within the city.

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We offer long distance moving to other cities and towns within Los Angeles County.

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Moving valuables including out-of-gauge items.

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We pack household stuff and items, and offer packaging material and convenient plastic boxes for free.

We provide an approximate assessment of scope of works on moving to an apartment, a house or an office premises on a pro bono basis. We carry over large and heavy items like soft and cabinet furniture, household appliances and all types of equipment. Work is performed extremely carefully, and our responsibility to customers is insured.

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