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Temple City MOVERS

We know how hard it can be to find reliable moving company, which will deliver your belongings not only safe and sound, but also without any headache. We at Titan Relocation Moving Company will do whatever it takes to make your moving to Temple an unforgettable one. It doesn’t matter how big your move is! With us you can be sure thateverything wil be at the highest level. Titan Relocation uses only advanced technologies and our movers strictly follow safety rules. Moreover, we adhere to high standards to ensure quality and reliability during the move. Many moving companies in Temple City promise you a star from the sky, but we don’t promise, but consider it as our duty to see the happy and carefree faces of our clients.

There is the reason why all our movers undergo not only special training, but also examination. We hire only skilled movers in order to offer the best service possible.

Do you still have questions about our company or move? You can give us a call or fill out the form below. We will contact you within 24 hours and answer to all your questions.

You don’t have to waste your precious time…

If you are a person who has no time to prepare your things for a move or you always quarrel with your family because all of you have different opinion on how to wrap the table. Also we understand how difficult it can be to choose the reliable company and the service you need. But you don’t have to worry we have two solutions for you! Having 10 years of experience in moving, our company provides various services you need to make your life easier. It can be a commercial move, moving from office to office, or moving to a new house or apartment, it doesn’t matter, we will help you to choose which service will be suitable for you. Speaking about safety of your belongings, we provide the services of professional packers, who will instantly prepare your things for the move, and most importantly, on time. Our packers use the finest materials such as packing tape or boxes, all included in the price. All our stuff have to undergo special training regularly to improve their skills.

Some useful information about Temple City

Temple city is one of this towns where you want to live forever with your family. The history of this town is as in a novel a bit romantic. The town was founded in 1923 when land developer Walter P. Temple purchased this territory. He is the one after whom this town was named in 1960.

It’s known that this family, which proudly bear the name of Temple recall romance of missions and ranches, the gallantry of the pioneering dons and beautiful senoritas.

Pliny Temple was a descendant of Abraham Temple, Abraham was the one, who landed in Salem from England in 1636. Pliny was the hard-worker and spent a great amount of money to make the city one of the most popular place, even today.
We think that you will never regret living in this town. There are almost all you need for happy living: hospital, police and fire departments and also school for your children, where they can start their own future. Also there are several places of interests, many cafes and park to spend your free time on a picnic with your family. Moreover you will definitely find suitable for you work placement or start your own business.

Useful links:

Cable TV and Internet: Spectrum, Phone: +1 874-2389, Address: 4961 Santa Anita Ave, Temple City, CA 91780, Web Address: https://official.spectrum.com

Electricity: Southern California Edison, Phone: +1 800-655-4555. Address: 2244 Walnut Grove Ave, Rosemead, CA 91770, Web Address: https://www.sce.com

Gas: SoCalGas, Phone: +1 800-427-2200, Address: 333 E Main St, Alhambra, CA 91801, Web Address: https://www.socalgas.com

Water: California American Water, Phone: +1 626-570-5061, Address: 2439 W Hillcrest Dr, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320, Web Address: https://www.amwater.com/caaw/

Trash Services: R&G Hauling Junk Removal, Phone: +1 626-497-8271, Address: 203 Pamela Rd, Monrovia, CA 91016, Web Address: https://www.yelp.com/biz/r-and-g-hauling-monrovia-3

Fire Department: Los Angeles County Fire Dept. Station 47, Phone: +1 626-287-9521, Address: 5946 Kauffman Ave, Temple City, CA 91780, Web Address: https://www.ci.temple-city.ca.us/201/Police-FirePolice

Police department: Los Angeles County Sheriff – Temple City Station, Phone: +1 626-285-7171, Address:  8838 E Las Tunas Dr, Temple City, CA 91780, Web address:  https://lasd.org/temple/

Local Moving

Local relocation within 100 miles of Los Angeles County within the state boundaries.

Apartment Moving

Moving from one apartment to another for individuals within the city.

Residential Moving

We offer classic moving services.

Office Moving

Moving offices.

Long Distance

We offer long distance moving to other cities and towns within Los Angeles County.

Commercial Moving

We are now in a position to organize for your commercial moving at the highest level

Elite Services.

Moving valuables including out-of-gauge items.

Packing Services

We pack household stuff and items, and offer packaging material and convenient plastic boxes for free.

We provide an approximate assessment of scope of works on moving to an apartment, a house or an office premises on a pro bono basis. We carry over large and heavy items like soft and cabinet furniture, household appliances and all types of equipment. Work is performed extremely carefully, and our responsibility to customers is insured.

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