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Titan Relocation company has been in business for almost 10 years. Thanks to word of mouth and advice from our regular customers, we attract tens of thousands of customers every year. Many come back to us for help with the second and even the third move. You are probably wondering why? The reason is that we really care, and we also value the peace of mind of each of our clients! If you still don’t believe us, you can read the reviews about us!

Among our services you can find residential or commercial moving in Montebello. Our main goal is to spend as little of your time as possible and let your family or business move on.

If you have antiques that require extra care when moving, you can choose an elite move, and we will make sure that your belongings are in order and were safely moved to your new house!

Quality moving service in Montebello

We see it as our top priority to prove to our clients that moving is always fun. At Titan Relocation Moving Company, we strive to show our clients that the day before moving, when everyone starts worrying about their belongings, can be filled with fun and laughter. We can do the packing for you. After all, our packers have all the skills and know exactly how to pack the most fragile item so that it arrives at your new place safe and sound. They not only well-trained but also friendly guys, which will answer all your questions.

We are here to help you with any questions you might have before, during or after your move in Montebello. Just fill the form and we will call you back in 24 hours, when there’s something emergent you can call and find all the information from one of our operators. You can also read our blog, where we covered the most common problems which can appear when you prepare for the move and during it.

What to expect after moving to Montebello?

Montebello has a beautiful and romantic history. This city can be dated back to the days of the Franciscan missionaries, which gives this city its special charm.

In earlier times, Montebello was an agricultural city with an ideal climate and fruitful soil. And the abundance of freshwater attracted more and more people to move to this area. In the 1920s, the territory was famous for its special types of flowers, as well as an abundance of vegetables and fruits.

However, dramatic changes took place when the Standard Oil Company was founded in 1917. So the agricultural area became the main source of oil production, taking up 1/8 of the oil production of the entire state.

After such decisive events, Montebello was transformed into the 45th city in Los Angeles County.

Nowadays, this city attracts more and more people with its beauty and the opportunity for business development. On the territory of Montebello, there are more than 5400 different companies.

On the territory of Montebello, there are 9 parks that provide entertainment services for all ages from young children to the senior citizens. People here believe that their mission is to build community through people, parks and recreation. If you are a golf lover, you too can find a place in this city. Municipal Golf Course’s history began in 1928, when architect Max Behr made a plan for a country golf club. Nowadays, 3 more lakes, bunkers and trolley paths have been added to the golf course. Montebello Country Golf Club is now considered to be one of the best in Southern California

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· Cable TV and Internet:


401 W Beverly Boulevard, CA 90640

· Electricity:

Southern California Edison Co 1000 Potrero Grande Drive, Monterey Park, CA 91755

· Gas:


5708 Whittier Blvd, Commerce, CA 90022

· Water:

Montebello Land & Water Co.

344 E. Madison Avenue, Montebello, CA 90640

· Trash Services:

A Rent A Bin

901 S Maple Ave, Montebello, CA 90640

· Fire Department:

Montebello Fire Department Head Quarters,

600 N. Montebello Blvd., Montebello, CA 90640

· Police Department:

Montebello Police Department

1600 W. Beverly Blvd., Montebello, CA 90640

Local Moving

Local relocation within 100 miles of Los Angeles County within the state boundaries.

Apartment Moving

Moving from one apartment to another for individuals within the city.

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We offer classic moving services.

Office Moving

Moving offices.

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We offer long distance moving to other cities and towns within Los Angeles County.

Commercial Moving

We are now in a position to organize for your commercial moving at the highest level

Elite Services.

Moving valuables including out-of-gauge items.

Packing Services

We pack household stuff and items, and offer packaging material and convenient plastic boxes for free.

We provide an approximate assessment of scope of works on moving to an apartment, a house or an office premises on a pro bono basis. We carry over large and heavy items like soft and cabinet furniture, household appliances and all types of equipment. Work is performed extremely carefully, and our responsibility to customers is insured.

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