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Moving to a new apartment: Tips

Changing your place of residence is always a nervous and challenging process. But if you prepare for it in advance, you can avoid most of the difficulties. How to make moving to a new apartment comfortable? When is the best time to move to a new home? Today Titan Relocation Company will share with you answers to these and other popular questions.

How to organize a move to a new apartment?

If you want to plan a move to a new apartment you should study the reviews of those people who have already experienced a change of residence carefully. In this case, the rule “learn from other people’s mistakes” works in full.

What should be done first when moving to a new apartment?

We advise you to start planning your move by drawing up a plan taking into account the smallest details and the layout of points in time. Write down everything you can remember in a notebook. Do not forget to add the numbers of useful services to your list – renting a cargo taxi, masters in assembling and disassembling furniture, a computer foreman, a cleaning company.

Carefully consider the process of transporting furniture. Remember which items in your furnishings can be disassembled, and which items will require transportation when assembled. These details will need to be provided when communicating with an employee of the moving company. Also remember about the need to pack furniture and equipment, as well as things and household items – this process will help you to avoid damage to property and its loss.

Moving to a new home – where to start? Make sure to check your budget. Based on a preliminary estimate, you can supplement the list of to-do items with the necessary items or delete unnecessary ones. So, furniture packaging can be entrusted to professionals or, for the sake of economy, can be done independently. Consider the smallest details. For example, additional costs may be associated with:

  • the need to lift / lower things to the floor;
  • calling additional loaders;
  • delayed travel;
  • payment for the services of cleaning companies, craftsmen for hanging curtains, connecting plumbing, etc.

Think carefully about the order in which furniture is brought into the new room. To do this, first plan the arrangement of furniture, equipment, and other items.

In the process of packing furniture and collecting boxes of small things, sign the containers. It will be easier to navigate where is the top and where is the bottom of the box. It will also help find q the necessary item quickly.

Take care of the comfort of all participants in the move. Especially if there are small children and animals in the house.

Moving to a new apartment immediately after renovation can be associated with a smell of paint, as well as the absence of all important connections. Contact the technician for the installation of the equipment and the Internet provider in advance, make sure that all bureaucratic issues with utilities are resolved.

What needs to be done next? Organize a comfortable stay. First of all, unpack and arrange the most necessary household items and furniture, dishes, connect the refrigerator, find where the bed linen was stored.

Calling Titan Relocation Company will help you to avoid all these points and difficulties. Our company organizes the moves of any complexity. You will only have to agree on a time for the implementation of the process.

When is it better to move to a new home?

In most cases, difficulties in the process of moving are associated with the heavy traffic of roads. You can check with our consultant about when to move. Choose a time other than peak hours – during the day on weekdays or on weekends. It is more comfortable to move in the warm season – cold weather and frequent precipitation will not affect the movement of a truck.