At least once in a lifetime, every person has to face situations such as repairs, whether it is cosmetic or capital. In this case, the question arises: “Where to transport things from the apartment?” Many solve this issue by organizing the export to the country house or temporary storage warehouse.

What if the same question arose before you, and there is no way to organize the relocation of things, furniture and equipment using your own forces, using your own car, or rely on someone else’s help?

We will help you solve this problem. Titan Relocation Company has been engaged in the transport of goods for more than a year, helps citizens move the apartment, takes them to a warehouse for temporary storage of things, furniture and equipment, and also provides loaders and packaging materials.


Clients most often focus only on the cost of the service, and therefore do not always choose the bona fide carrier correctly.

Advice: if you are guided only by price, then you should not trust the transportation of furniture, appliances or valuables to carriers offering a low cost of service, since by paying little money you do not receive guarantees that the goods will be delivered in integrity. Focus on the average price or even overpriced, be sure to read the reviews about the company. Be sure to conclude a contract that stipulates the liability of the carrier, if necessary, insure a valuable cargo.

Also, choosing Titan Relocation Company, you can get an individual approach and quality service. What includes the professionalism of the company? This is a team of experienced craftsmen and drivers who know all the details of the process and are ready to assist you in moving. The company has a staffed staff that has been engaged in this type of activity for several years. This allowed you to master the skills at a professional level.


The reason for choosing a professional mover is not only the quality or method of cargo delivery, but also  the attitude of the staff to their work, to how they will be organized and transported to another apartment or office.

The advantages of choosing experienced professionals include:

  • Service cost. It will depend on several factors. For example, the distance from the departure point to the destination, the type of vehicle used, the need for support services. The advantage here is that you can find out the cost in advance using the calculator, or by telephone with the manager.
  • Terms of the order. A team of specialists and drivers adjusts to your schedule. For example, office relocation can be made in the evening after the end of the working day, and apartment relocation or removal of things to the cottage on a weekend.
  • The official approach. For the provision of services, a contract is concluded with each client. All the nuances are pre-spoken to avoid force majeure situations.
  • Warranties and quality. Remember, only a professional company is ready to give guarantees and provide licenses, certificates. But if you entrust the relocation of a company offering a low price for the services rendered, then you certainly cannot count on guarantees.
  • Monitoring. Only the mover, who works for consumers will be ready to provide monitoring services and full reporting for the work done.

The main rules of the Company is quality, comfort and reliability. If you need to use additional services, you can always count on our help. For example, if you need repair or dismantling of equipment, then the driver will always find a suitable tool in the car. Titan Relocation Company will also help to pack things, furniture, appliances and other accessories.