Moving to a New Office. 6 Main Tips
Moving to a New Office. 6 Main Tips

Moving to a New Office. 6 Main Tips

The moment to move to another office comes to every company someday. This process can cause huge problems because during a move the whole work process usually stops, there is no electricity in the new place, and you may forget to move several of the most important boxes. So how is it necessary to organize an office move so that this event becomes a positive one without disappointment? How not to lose the main employees at the same time and unite all employees in a positive mood? How to make the move within a limited time and at the same time not forget anything important?

If you are too lazy and do not make a plan for the move, you will find the cancellation of important meetings, confusion in documents, as well as the painful process of assembling office furniture. In order not to forget anything and to carry out everything correctly, Titan Relocation Company has prepared a list of mandatory tasks consisted of 6 rules especially for you.

1. Dissemination of information about office relocation.

This information should be spreaded a few months in advance. Everyone should be aware of your relocation: business partners, company employees, suppliers, as well as customers. To do this, you can use the posting of an article on the Internet, in official forms, and even on message boards.

2. Find helpers and specialized vehicles.

As a rule, your office employees are not movers, so you definitely need to find a truck equipped for moving and some labor. This task becomes much easier if you contact a moving company. Many Titan Relocation Company’s clients have commented that our company made the relocation much cheaper and quicker than they expected. The only thing that is required about you is to call us in advance.

3. Prepare the necessary packing material.

The best solution is to order the packaging from a moving company. Titan Relocation Company has reliable, sturdy boxes of all sizes. In addition, our specialists are always ready to pack all your belongings professionally! In order to make it easier to find your things in a new place – sign the names and positions of employees on the boxes. Therefore, you must immediately buy markers.

4. Arrangement in a new building.

In order not to have to work in a new place without electricity and water, all bills must be paid in advance. By signing a contract with a special company, she will ensure cleanliness in the new office, as well as prompt assembly of furniture. Your workflow should not be interrupted, so also contract with your phone company and your Internet service provider. In addition, one should not forget about the rent for the premises.

5. Update the location information of the new office.

All advertising brochures must include information about the new phone and address of the organization. It can also be printed on calendars, notebooks, business cards, and other items.

6. Place the new company details on your website.

The day after the move, the website must contain the new company details. Organization address with index, contact phone numbers, as well as a map. Thanks to this, the work in the new office will be faster.

So, we can conclude that following these basic rules, your office move will be carried out competently and efficiently. The main thing is to plan and think everything in advance, and then follow the planned pattern. If you use our advice, you will avoid unnecessary problems and

unforeseen situations. After all, the main goal is to establish the workflow in the new office as quickly as possible.