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What does moving mean for your cat?

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Of course, a change of residence is a huge stress for any person. Someone cannot settle down in a new place for a long time, but there are people who are happy with everything at once. It depends, of course, on our individual psychological characteristics.

But not everything is so simple if you have a pet, namely a cat! These animals are very sensitive; they are extremely negative about all changes. Carrying a cat is only half the trouble. How to create new comfortable conditions for it – this is the main question!

The animal will immediately begin to look for familiar things in the new house. Do not forget to remove items from the boxes that are saturated with the smells of the cat. The more similar the pet finds in the current housing, the more confident it will feel. For example, try to place its bowl or tray in the same corner where the thing was before.

If people with pets have lived in your new apartment or house before, this will complicate the adaptation of the cat. It will understand that this is a foreign territory, and will feel in constant danger, waiting for the attack of the enemy. Arrange favorite toys of your pet as quickly as possible throughout the housing. So it soon realizes that the whole area belongs only to it.

Do not immediately let the cat outside. Go outside with it for the first week. During these days it will get comfortable, get to know other animals in the yard and remember the way home. Be careful, there are often cases when pets returned to the old house after a walk. Ask your neighbors in your old home not to feed your pet. So it will understand that no one is waiting for it there anymore, and will quickly get used to the new apartment.

Another little trick – let the cat go hungry. So it will not snoop around for a long time, move away from the new house, but she will readily come running to your call. After returning, immediately feed the cat something tasty, shower it with signs of attention and love, this will help strengthen relations. Moreover, the animal will be happy to return to the new house, where somebody is waiting for it and is so gentle to it.

Remember that a cat gets more used to an inhabited house than to its owners! Therefore, a couple of days try not to scold the animal for unexpected “surprises” or stripped wallpapers. As the veterinarians say, three days is enough for adaptation. So feel free to start education on the fourth day.