They subtly feel the mood of the owner before moving, notice a change in their usual environment, the collection of household items and furniture. On the day of the move, strangers and smells invade their territory. The road to your new home is not a pleasant journey. You know exactly where you are going and why, and what do they think? Fear, panic, horror? Unfortunately, our favorites have few opportunities to show us this.

A pet is one of your family members. Besides packing boxes and hiring movers, you should also think about how to prepare your pet for the move. Today Global Gentle Movers prepare some helpful tips on how to do that!

1. First of all, before moving, you need to check the health of the animal. It is especially relevant if you are planning a long-distance move.

2. A few days before you move, start reducing your daily intake. This will save your pet from the risk of stomach aches during the move.

3. Try to train your pet to be carried in a bag or cage. Make soft bedding and put some of your pet’s favorite toys in the cage to train it to be there.

4. Before placing the animal in the cage and leaving the house, walk the animal.

5.If you are very worried about your pet and want to give him any medication before moving, be sure to consult with your veterinarian in advance about the possibility of using special medications or natural preparations to calm your pet. The doctor may prescribe a course of sedatives a week before the move, which will relieve your pet’s stress.

6. The transport cage must must be large enough to keep the pet comfortable throughout the journey.

7. Make sure to have water supply. Bring an animal drinker or plastic bowl with you in your car. Check periodically to see if the animal is thirsty.

8.Let your pet to get used to the new place. When you get to your new home, give your pet time to explore all the rooms. Cats, in particular, enjoy it. It is advisable for dogs to offer a light meat snack to feel safe in a new place.

9.You should block escape routes for your pet. Make sure the windows and doors in your home are securely closed. Cats and dogs trying to return to their old home is not a myth. It is undesirable to let the dog off the leash for several weeks while walking in a new place.

Moving with a pet can be a rather difficult event, if not properly prepared, you can create additional unnecessary stress and anxiety for the animal. And you want to keep the animal healthy and cheerful. Moving with pets will be easier if you follow these simple tips.