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Office move without losses

Don’t want your office move to take too long? Experienced business owners know that every minute counts. Wasted time can lead to missed deadlines. In order not to lose the trust of customers and your profit, it is worth ordering a professional moving company, which will organize the entire move from planning to unpacking. There will be no need to slow down your working pace and bother yourself with the hassle of transporting things! Titan Relocation is specialized in the organization of high-quality, efficient, not only apartment moves but also office moves at an affordable price.

Why is it a bad idea to move on your own?

• You waste time calculating the amount of packing material and go shopping for boxes, bubble wrap, and so on.

• It will be difficult for you to organize the process correctly. Not everyone can properly pack office equipment and documents, disassemble and load the furniture into the truck.

• You do not have information on how to properly take things out so as not to damage the flooring, walls, and doors.

• You can damage the equipment, lose important documents while moving to a new office.

• You freeze the business by changing the work schedule and causing discomfort to employees.

• You waste your nerves and energy!

We offer all-inclusive office relocation!

An office move is a complex process that requires composure, coordination of actions, and a high level of execution. Titan Relocation will take over the solution of all tasks. You don’t need to control the process! The company representatives will provide a full range of works. We will provide a roomy truck, qualified movers, and drivers who do their job efficiently.

For your convenience, we also offer office relocation at weekends. This way you will not lose potential clients, and your employees will not get tired of the hustle and bustle! Additionally, you can use the service of removal of old furniture for disposal or temporary storage of things and valuable property in specially equipped warehouses.

Office move without losses!

There are many fragile things in the office! In addition to wooden furniture and paper documentation, it is important to transport office equipment (computers, scanners, printers), mirrors, glass doors and tables, dishes, and aquariums correctly. By entrusting the relocation of the office to Titan Relocation, you will be sure that your property will arrive safe and sound! We bear full responsibility to the customer, therefore they do not leave chips on the doors, scratches on the floor, and walls.

The organization of relocation to a new office is not complete without strict adherence to safety rules during transportation. All our trucks are equipped with special cables that will not allow the load to deform while driving. Competent logistics will help save time. Our drivers follow the traffic

rules and the optimal route, which means the absence of traffic jams and good surface. We think over everything to the smallest detail to prevent the occurrence of unpleasant situations!