Packing materials that are the must during the move

Packing materials that are the must during the move

During the move, you should take special care of your things. It is not only about correct handling but also about good, reliable packaging. It should not only protect your belongings from dust, dirt, and scratches but also dampen vibrations and absorb shocks. Today Titan Relocation Company will tell you about the packing materials that are required during the move.

First of all, it is an air bubble film. Polyethylene with a second layer of air-filled bubbles is used in many areas, but primarily it is needed to protect fragile objects from possible damage. It is used for wrapping glass, crystal products, as well as various technical devices – from cell phones to microwave ovens. If an accident happens, some of the bubbles on the film will burst, but the item inside will remain intact. Therefore, the air bubble film is indispensable, when moving.

Do you want to transport an antique mirror in an exquisite frame safely? Worried about goblets from thin glass? Wondering how to pack your monitor and computer system unit? Take a roll of bubble wrap! This material is able to take any shape easily, so items of any size can be covered with bubble wrap – plates, flower pots, furniture, etc.

Another popular type of plastic packaging is a stretch wrap. It is thin, lightweight, and transparent. We usually use it when serious protection from scratches and vibrations is not needed. It is convenient to wrap both small flower pots and bulky bookshelves or countertops in it. When moving, stretch film is also used in cases where additional “insurance” is needed for some unbreakable thing. For example, to wrap mattresses or cushions of upholstered furniture (either in one or in several layers).

The second essential type of packaging is cardboard boxes. There is no need to mention the advantages of them. This material is familiar to everyone! A cardboard box is a convenient container for small things, from books to children’s toys, clothes, and shoes. The boxes hold many small items, are inexpensive, and are easy to dispose of. They protect the contents from dents and scratches, absorbing possible shocks. That is why cardboard boxes do not lose their relevance over time.

Of course, during the move, the boxes must be closed securely so that things don’t get lost on the way. And here one more packaging material comes to the rescue – scotch tape. In some cases, it can be a technical plaster, or simply electrical tape. Moving without these materials is almost impossible. The most important quality of the tape is its “stickiness” or adhesion. Thanks to this, the scotch tape can adhere to almost any material – from paper and cardboard to linoleum and plastic. Adhesive tape is equally convenient for sealing bags and fixing rolled carpet runners. And opaque masking tape, or crepe, can be an excellent protective material in itself. It can be used to glue the side surfaces of the furniture to prevent accidental scratches. After moving, masking tape can be easily removed even from painted or varnished wood and plastic, leaving no residue.

We understand that packing is a very important but an easy part of a move, so Titan Relocation Moving Company is always ready to help you with this!