Relocation: how not to mix anything up?
Relocation: how not to mix anything up?

Relocation: how not to mix anything up?

Organizing and conducting a move is always a troublesome and difficult task. There are cardboard boxes everywhere, mountains of things, and thousands of thoughts swarm in your head. And, of course, in such an environment it is very easy to mix something up or forget about something. The consequences of such indiscretion can only be understood upon arrival at a new apartment. For example, in the process of searching for a much needed toothbrush (when instead of it you will come across unnecessary figurines, glasses and photographs). Or while trying to find a bed (some eventually end up sleeping on the floor). It’s clear that it is necessary to foresee such moments in advance.

We plan a move in advance

How not to get into such situations? To do this, you should plan everything in advance. And you need to start with a list of the most necessary things, namely those that will be useful to you in the first hours and days of your stay in the new house. It is quite clear that this list will be different in each family, but still its main components will be the same for everyone.

These components include, firstly, personal items for the whole family. You should stock up on two changes of clothes, towels and bedding for each family member. You will also need personal hygiene items: toothbrushes, deodorants, razors, lotions, foams, shampoos, soaps, cosmetics, creams, toothpaste and cotton pads.

The second point that should be given attention is the collection of kitchen utensils. You probably want to eat, which means plates, cups, forks, spoons and knives will come in handy. But first you will need to cook food, so you should also have pans, pots, cutting boards and a kettle nearby. And, of course, you will need the products themselves.

Since in the first days after moving you will not have time to go shopping, you should stock up on sausage, cheese, bread, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. in advance. optional. The only advice is do not buy perishable goods. In the bustle of moving, they may well remain undetected until they begin to emit a specific smell.

Valuables should be always with you

You should also prepare a bag that you will always carry with you. The important thing, of course, is not the bag, but its contents. Namely – documents (passports, medical poles, papers confirming ownership of housing, etc.), money, medicines, as well as mobile phones and chargers.

We sign boxes

All things that happen to be in the same container must be somehow connected. For example, these may be basic necessities, books, or table details. Each box for the move should be marked. You can use a marker or stickers for this.

This will significantly facilitate the process of unloading – and parsing things at a new address. For example, ask the movers to take the boxes with unnecessary things to the back room, and place the essentials so that you can easily find them.

If you want to make your move easier, do everything in advance. It’s a little bit troublesome, but very enjoyable process.