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Size matters: which office is easier to be moved?

To begin with, we will determine: what do people usually mean by the phrases “small office”, “medium office” and “large office”. The gradation is approximately the following: from 5 to 10 jobs, from 11 to 30, from 31 to infinity. Everything depends on the number of jobs: both the necessary space, and the amount of furniture, and of course the labor costs when moving.

Let’s say a suitable room is found. It is located in another part of the city. On the second floor of a building. There is no freight elevator in the building. It’s time to get ready for the journey.

So, you need to look for those who could pack your things, dissemble the furniture, load it into cars and arrange in a new room. To make a long story short, you need services of a moving company.

Here is the stumbling block: the cost of moving will depend on the carrier’s rates. Before concluding the contract, specify: what the company specializes in, that is, how much work its employees usually deal with. Maybe the price list is designed for relatively small volumes. Then for an office of medium or large prices are likely to rise. And maybe the opposite situation. If transporting a small office for the mover is a non-standard task, the prices will again be individual, and not the fact that they are profitable.

It is not only a matter of costs, but also of how professionally carriers carry out their work.

To avoid problems with estimating the volume of work and calculating the cost, invite a professional appraiser. With his help, you can make the optimal cost estimate for moving. And put it into the contract. By the way, the service “call appraiser” by Titan Relocation Company is free. If the contract for the provision of services is concluded in advance, taking into account all the nuances, you will not have to pay anything extra after moving.

By the way, about additional payments. Perhaps part of the costs will be avoided. For example, in a number of moving companies, packaging customers are provided with bulk orders for free. In general, the system of discounts and bonuses in almost all such organizations is quite wide and makes it possible to save almost any client.

And it turns out: the size of the office does not matter. The main thing is to find movers oriented specifically to your company. Then the prices will be quite acceptable, and perhaps the discount system will surprise you in a good sense. Look, maybe Titan Relocation Company is suitable one? We will help you with all stages of furniture transportation. We estimate the quantity and size of the property, choose the appropriate transport. We pack and load property, observing safety rules. Our staff will take everything to the specified address just in time, we will climb to the desired floor and arrange everything in its place.