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Why are people afraid of moving?

The word “moving” for many people still seems to be a horror. Why? And how to deal with anxious moods? Experts of Titan Moving Company can answer this question better than anyone else!

“This is the first move in my life, and I’m worried.”

Panic is a poor helper in such situations. But a cold mind, on the contrary, is very useful to you. In many ways, the move depends on how you set yourself up. If you are initially convinced that moving is bad, that it will take your last strength away and everything will fall out of your hands – this will happen. Even if you carry only a table, bed and a couple of stools. If you try to treat what is happening easily – undoubtedly, part of the trouble will go away as if by itself.

“Moving so tiresome that after it you need a week’s rest.”

You can’t argue with that. It is impossible to move without the hassle, but it is more than realistic to minimize them. And the first rule – do not try to do everything alone. Of course you can try to manage with all stuff yourself, but ,for example, you still won’t raise a piano alone. And if you lift it, then you can accidentally put it on your feet or a feet of  your neighbor, passing by (and it is not known what will be worse). If you turn to our professionals, they will without sacrifice bring the musical instrument to the car and securely fix it in the back.

“When we move, we will definitely forget, lose or break something.”

 If you think about it every day for 20-30 minutes, then most likely it will be so. By repeating the same phrase, a person “programs” himself for a given course of events, although there are no special reasons for anxiety. Moving is not a fire, not a hurricane, and not a tsunami. Even if you were unexpectedly kicked out of a rented apartment, you always have time to prepare. Start gathering in advance, calmly and methodically, without leaving small trinkets “for later”. Write a list, mark boxes with things, you can arrange them in a certain order. The most valuable things, documents must be folded in a conspicuous place and not to be let out of hand during the move.

 “I do not trust transport companies.”

It’s oddly enough, that these days such a thing exists. And it is not uncommon. Sometimes the transport companies themselves are to blame for the distrust – more precisely, small “private traders” who are ready to risk the property and trust of the client for the sake of short-term profit. Sometimes the reason for this is the conservatism of customers. It is really easier for incredulous people to turn to friends, who have a car, than to professional carriers. But here all the risks belong to the owner. If at least a standard limited liability agreement can be signed with a transport company, then acquaintances are unlikely to agree to this. This means that they will not compensate you for damage to property – legally, you will not even have any reason. There is no need to talk about smaller factors such as delays in the way – they are taken into account only by people who do this professionally. So “moving with friends’ cars” is an option rather for a provincial city, but not for a megalopolis, where traffic is extremely intense and every second counts.

“The carrier will cheat us.”

The main and very simple thing is to ask the carrier for a detailed estimate with the obligatory instructions on how much the hour of the loader’s work, raising the piano one floor, moving the refrigerator a certain distance in a straight line, cleaning after moving and other things you need.

Titan Moving Company always calculates all the spending for its clients before the move!  

 “We will irretrievably lose several days of life!”

Unfortunately, even moving a one-room apartment takes at least two days. This includes time spent packing property, loading, transporting, and arranging large items in a new location — such as sofas and refrigerators. Small things have to be laid out in their places for a few more days. How to solve the problem? The best way to reduce the time of moving is to hire our moving company. If you want to control the preparation for the move yourself, start it in advance. Break this process into several small stages: for example, four days for packing books, four days for packing clothes, and three more for household appliances …. Do not try to embrace the immensity and collect all things in one day. But it’s better to contact Titan Moving Company.