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Your grandma’s broken set of china, a scratched computer monitor, an untuned piano … Everyone who has ever moved knows firsthand what difficulties one may confront with when transporting fragile items. In order to avoid the loss of nerve cells, it is important to prepare in advance when moving an office or apartment.

What items can be classified as fragile?

There is no definitive answer to this question, because, as you understand, everything can be broken. But they definitely include things that need additional protection during transportation.

To those “fragile” items can be attributed:

  • Dishes, of course. The grandmother’s set of china, favorite cups of workers in the office.
  • Interior items made of plaster, ceramics, and other fragile materials.
  • Lamps, chandeliers.
  • All types of mirrors and glass, including furniture doors.
  • Household and office equipment.
  • Musical instruments.

Ensuring the safety of fragile items during transportation and handling is only possible through high-quality packaging.

What can be used to pack fragile items?

The most common packing materials are:

  • Bubble wrap. It will protect the items against shock and mechanical stress.
  • Carton boxes. If you moving an office make sure to have boxes, which are specially designed for packaging equipment. You will definitely need small boxes (for transporting, for example, dishes), medium-sized (for bulky items). All types of boxes will help you reduce the likelihood of damage to items when moving. Do not skimp on their quality, because the safety of your property depends on them!
  • Bulk packaging, so-called foam “flakes” or “chips”. It is used for secure and careful fixation of fragile and valuable cargo in the box, so as not to damage it during transportation or transportation. If you need to transport, for example, a chandelier, then be sure to take note of this type of packaging.
  • Adhesive tapes (polyethylene and paper). They need no introduction.
  • Wrapping paper. Yes, not only gifts for the New Year are packed in it, but it is also used when moving. You can either just wrap the item in it and put it in the box, or put the individual items inside the box with sheets of wrapping paper (this is convenient for transporting, for example, plates).

Now a few words about the general principles of packaging fragile items:

  • When packing things in a box, follow a simple rule – heavier objects on the bottom, lighter ones on top.
  • It is better to fill all voids between objects inside the box with something shock-absorbing.
  • Be sure to mark all boxes in advance using special symbols and the word “fragile”. Duplicate the markings on all sides of the box so that your markings are visible from any angle. This is important so that you yourself, as well as the movers or your assistants, can immediately see that these boxes require special handling. And, in general, try to label all the property before moving. When unpacking things in a new place, you will definitely thank yourself.

Now you know all the rules for moving fragile items. But if you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact Titan Relocation. We are always happy to help you!