Damaged items: what to do?

Damaged items: what to do?

After moving, while unpacking, you should check carefully all your belongings and make sure they have been delivered safe and sound. But what if your chair is broken, the wardrobe is scratched, or your favorite lamp has disappeared? You need to file a claim! Today Titan Relocation Company will tell you how to do this.

Before transportation the movers make an inventory list indicating the names and states of the items. You need to study this list and agree with it. This is important in order to quickly prove that there was no damage before and that they appeared during transportation.

You can mark the missing or damaged items in the corresponding documents after the delivery when the movers have not yet left. If you do not notice this immediately, then you have the right to inform the moving company about this later.

How to do this?

This process may be divided into 3 parts:

1. Contact your moving consultant. This person will send you the documents you need to file a claim. Do not rely on movers, you must contact the moving company yourself!

2. Do not hurry up to repair or throw away items that were damaged during transportation. Your moving company must conduct its investigation first. If they are dangerous (broken glass, for example), put them in a separate room. Do not forget to take a photo of the damage! Sometimes photos are enough to conduct an investigation.

If the damage interferes with your daily life (for example, broken bed legs), a moving company can make the processing of the claim and the repair of your belongings faster.

3. Solve this problem as quickly as possible. Immediately after you notice damage or loss, contact your moving company. As a rule, you can file a complaint within 9 months after the move, but do not wait too long! In this case, there is more possibility that people, who take responsibility for the damage, will incur punishment, and your claim will proceed faster.

How your claim will be handled?

After you report damages to your service provider, you will receive a person to deal with your claim. As a rule, the answer is received within a week.

Of course, a company representative needs to assess the damage.  He can come to your home to do this, or you can simply send a photo.

Next, you must state your options for resolving the claim. This is most often done in writing. Sometimes you can discuss this verbally with your designated professional.

What do you need to remember?

Treat company representatives with respect. Maintain your dignity. They have no purpose to offend you, any good company always strives to leave the best impression of itself!

Know the rules. Remember that your belongings cannot be fully insured. In most cases, your moving service provider will only be able to cover the subject of your liability. The liability limit must be specified in your contract.

When resolving a claim, make sure you are happy with the decision, as the check that will be issued to you will mean a “complete and final settlement”!