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Families who do not have their own homes and rent apartments often have to move from one place to another. If the family has a small child, it adds hassle when moving, but with proper organization, everything goes smoothly.


If you have free time, the move can be divided into several stages: first things are transported (furniture, appliances, etc.), then you move. But what if there is no free time, while you are asked to vacate the apartment literally within a week? Another problem, that many parents face, is the lack of relatives in the city with whom they could leave their baby.

Moving is a very troublesome event, but moving with a baby is doubly or even triple the more difficult process, in which every detail must be taken into account. Difficulties are manifested in everything, starting with the fact that there is no one to leave the child with during the move, and ending with the fact that the restless kid will interfere in every way to get ready.

To simplify the procedure of moving to a new location, you need to draw up a moving plan in advance. What is the plan for? With its help, you will perform actions in a systematic way, without being distracted by unnecessary things. It is the lack of a plan that often slows down the moving procedure. Write down everything you need to buy on paper.

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Among all the rooms, the kid’s room should be vacated last. The algorithm is simple:

• fold in advance the things your kid wears the least;

• fold toys that your kid doesn’t play much.

Try to keep the kid’s room as long as possible in the form to which the baby is accustomed. You should explain to the baby in advance that you are moving to a new place soon. Tell the child what his or her new room will be like, how much better than the old one, how many toys will fit in it, etc. It is important that the child is prepared for the upcoming move

Use a playpen if your child has not yet started walking, this is a very useful device in this situation. If the baby is already running around the apartment, he or her will certainly “help” you in the assembly, turning the assembled boxes over and distracting you, so it is necessary to solve the most important question – what to do with your child while you prepare for the move and pack your things?


Cartoons and toys – this may seem like a great solution, but at too young age it is often not recommended to watch cartoons, and old toys can quickly get bored. Keep your child busy with bright magazines, come up with interesting games, you can spy on examples on the Internet.

Buy some inexpensive pet kits and show them how to play them. If the child does not want to leave you and is eager to help, find some simple task for him: put toys, etc. But for small kids (under 2 years old), such techniques may not work, since they do not sit in one place, striving to do one thing after another.

Such children can be attracted by more complex games, for example, shifting things from one place to another. Different containers are suitable for this: boxes, cans, etc.

Some activities that can be done while the baby is sleeping. We advise to collect the child’s toys when he or she does not see this, so that he does not think that you are taking them away forever. It is recommended to dismantle furniture when the child is asleep, otherwise, screws from furniture may be pulled apart throughout the apartment. If you have no experience in disassembling furniture, then you should contact the professionals, they will do this work quickly and accurately.