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Office equipment when moving: how to handle it?

The organization of office relocation is often expensive. Nobody would like to buy new computers and printers after it in exchange for failed ones. Or even worse – frantically restore important, but, alas, lost documents. How to avoid this?

Firstly, office equipment is not easy to take care about. And you need to handle it carefully. Not just shove something into the box, but also overlay with special foam rubber corners. And if there are none, wrap it with a special film – and after that pack it in boxes. Moreover, it is better to take the boxes that are most suitable in size. Then they must be sealed with tape. Ideally, of course, you need to transport the devices in the same form as they were delivered from the store.

Secondly, you should label boxes with equipment, something like “Caution! Fragile staff. ” It’s also important to note to whom these things “belong”, so that the employee does not rush about in a new place in search of his computer and other “hardware” necessary for work.

Thirdly, do not trust even the most reliable packaging, save important documents on a spare medium. Even if something happens to the equipment, your files will remain safe and sound.

Fourth, if the equipment remains in the boxes for a long time, take care of the correct storage conditions. The room should be dry and warm – humidity and cold office equipment are contraindicated. You can hand over office property to a custody warehouse – nothing will happen to them there, or you will be compensated for the damage.

Fifth, make sure that the boxes do not stack one on top of another when unloading. A similar “barricade” of office equipment is a colossus with feet of clay. The lower tier can suffer. Cracks in the case of the smooth operation of printers and monitors clearly do not contribute.

Sixth, in a new place, do not rush to turn on the equipment – what if something is wrong with the wiring? It was not enough to arrange a short circuit. It is better to check the network status in advance and find out how many devices will be able to work from it at the same time and which outlets are best to connect your units. Maybe it makes sense to replace the wiring in general? But this should be determined by a specialist. Remember to call them in advance.

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