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How to transport a washing machine?

If you have to move, one of the main issues will be the transportation of home appliances, including a washing machine. This home assistant requires the most careful handling when moving, because any hit can cause damage to both the electronic and mechanical parts of the device.

But transportation of a washing machine is a simple procedure, if you know a few important things. In this article, we will tell you how to properly organize transportation of equipment both over small and long distances.

How to transport the washing machine: recommendations of specialists?

You can transport a microwave or TV, for example, without any special preparation – the main thing is to ensure that the equipment is not exposed to outside. But the transportation of any washing machines requires special preparation.

The preparatory phase includes several steps:

1. Check if there are any water residues in the machine. In order to do this, disconnect the drain hose from the sewer and lower its end into the container located below the drain pan of the machine. When the fluid drains, leave the valves open for a while so that the remaining water in the tank and outlets dry.

2. Unscrew the electric cord and hose, preparing them for transportation. You can use packaging materials for additional protection of products.

3. Open the powder container and make sure that it is empty. If there is any powder or liquid detergent left in the compartment, remove it. Close the compartment and fix it with tape.

4. Prepare the machine drum for transportation.

How to fix the drum of the washing machine?

 The drum is one of the most “dangerous” elements of the machine. If there is insufficient fixation during the movement, it can damage the equipment. Initially the device is equipped with special transportation bolts. Use them again when preparing equipment for transportation. Screw the fasteners to the designated places and tighten.

How to transport a washing machine without bolts?

these small parts are lost very often and cannot be found at the right time. One solution to the problem is to buy bolts in the store. If, for some reason, this method does not work, you can transport your washing machine without fasteners.

How to do it:

• remove the top cover of the machine;

• place foam between the drum and the walls of the machine;

• check if the fixing is safe.

 The drum must not rotate and oscillate freely in the housing. If the foam is not enough, use other soft materials at hand.

At the end of our article Titan Moving Company would like to share with you some rules for transporting the washing machine

  • The next stage of preparation for transportation is wrapping the machine in a bubble wrap. If such material is not at hand – take a blanket and adhesive tape to create a dense “cocoon” around the equipment.
  • Is it possible to transport the washing machine in a prone position? It’s better to place the machine vertically If possible. This issue will not cause difficulties in trucks, but in a passenger car you can transport the washing machine only on its side or back wall. It’s better to choose the second option, as transportation the machine on its side is very risky. Lay a soft blanket, place the machine on it on the back wall. Fix with belts in order to avoid falling or fluctuations of equipment during the movement or braking of a car. Avoid rough roads, bumps, pits. When loading, position the machine according to the movement of the vehicle.
  • Before starting operation in a new place, do not forget to remove the transport bolts and empty the tank from the foam.

How to transfer the washing machine to another city?

 Sometimes the move is not to a neighboring area, but to another city. Is it really necessary to buy new equipment with a new apartment or house? Not at all. In this case, the process of preparation and transportation of the washing machine is carried out similarly. Make sure that the product is fixed and packaged with the utmost care. Periodically check the position of the machine while driving.

 It’s always more convenient to entrust the transportation of complex instruments and equipment to professionals.  Many consumers prefer Titan Moving Company in this case. And it is the right approach. In this case, one does not have to worry about preparing the machine, the availability of materials, the correct loading, and choosing the route. Send a request to the moving company to clarify the prices and time of the move.